Code Coaching

What’s Code Coaching?

If you're struggling to program something, or are uncertain how to develop a more complex software system, you can get personal advice on how to approach your challenges.

Just book a one-on-one Code Coaching session and we can chat!

We offer personal coaching around the following areas:

  • Beginner programmer guidance
  • Productive programming practices
  • Software design and architecture
  • High-performance computing
  • Data analysis pipelines
  • Scientific computing and workflows
  • Reproducible science
  • Agile development
  • Testing

What to Expect

When you book a session, you will be able to briefly explain what you would like help with.

Your time is valuable. So we aim to give you the relevant coaching within a single session.

If the complexity of the issue doesn’t allow that, we’ll discuss beforehand to try and plan out the coaching across multiple sessions.

Code Coaching is aimed at providing you with individual advice to address your issues and offer guidance in terms of best practices, so you can build on your existing skill set. It’s not intended for things like low-level debugging or helping you with very specific technical issues (e.g. getting some software package to run on your computer), or even solving your homework for you :) Instead, we could talk about higher-level aspects: how to choose software, how to approach debugging and testing, how to make sense and work on assignments, etc.

If in doubt, just start booking! We can then see whether we can help you.

Example of how the coaching could go

You book a session and tell us:

“I’m having trouble getting my scripts to run on different computers. There’s always something breaking and it takes a huge amount of time and effort."

During the coaching session, we would first quickly go over:

  • how you’re approaching things (language / framework, how you get your code on different computers, etc.)
  • your goals (is the aim to ensure reproducible results everywhere? get scripts running on a computing cluster? etc.)
  • your constraints (your time and cost budgets, what tools you’re familiar with, etc.)

Then, we talk about:

  • relevant best practices around software deployment and/or reproducibility
  • possible technical solutions and approaches
  • where to get more info


200 SEK / session (1 hour)

The cancellation and refund policy is described in the Terms of Service.


You can use the Calendly widget below to book a slot.

  1. You will then receive a Google Meet invitation to the email account you specify. (This is to reserve the slot.)
  2. Soon after, we will look at your request and decide whether we can help.
  3. If it’s indeed something we can coach you on, payment information will be emailed to you. The session is confirmed upon payment.

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Page last updated November 29, 2023