About Eigenskills

Eigenskills is an online learning service that provides unique programming training. Our courses teach you coding skills that are widely applicable, whether you work in science, game development, the wider software industry, or simply on hobby projects.

We believe in teaching design patterns and well-established software engineering practices that can be employed in many contexts and adapted to your needs. We thus focus on the overall architecture and know-how rather than individual technologies.

Ultimately, we believe such skills empower you as a programmer to advance your career, regardless of your background or area of activity. Our mission includes spreading good development practices and attitudes, so that the wider software community might benefit from diverse talent and backgrounds.

The Eigenskills Story

Eigenskills was started in September 2022 by Filip Buric (PhD Systems Biology, MSc Complex Adaptive Systems, BSc Computer Science), with the vision of teaching software design skills that help bridge professional areas, drawing from his experience in both the software industry and academic research.