Efficient Software Testing

Avoid embarrassing bugs! Learn to verify and design software using efficient testing techniques. There's no such thing as perfect software. Humans make mistakes, and AI-generated code is also often wrong. Some bugs are mild annoyances, others are a source of embarrassment, huge costs, privacy nightmares, or worse. However, you can make good and reliable software. The testing approaches in this course will let you catch most bugs early in development, with little overhead.

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Practical Data Engineering

Coming 2024 This course is under development and planned to start running in 2024. Please get in touch if you have questions!

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Productive Programming

Do you just want results but programming is getting in the way? Struggling to adapt your code to constant requirement changes? Trouble making your software run on different computers? Productive Programming can help! Cheat sheet Target audience The course is mainly aimed at beginner programmers, as well as scientists, researchers, or engineers who write programs as part of their work, but have an informal computational background (outside of computer science or software engineering).

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